Calcasieu River Bridge Repair & Rehab

Location: Calcasieu Parish

Date Completed: 2012

Services Utilized

  • Bridge Engineering - Fixed Bridge Construction Support - Fixed Bridge Rehabilitation - Fixed Bridge Design - Fixed Bridge Repair
  • Roadway Design - Temporary Traffic Control Planning

Challenges Encountered

  • Provide the rehabilitation plans for a fixed bridge that allow for the repair and rehabilitation of the bridge with as little interruption to the flow of traffic as possible

Solutions Provided

Huval & Associates provided engineering services for repair and rehabilitation of the I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge.  The repair and rehabilitation design includes improvements to the bridge structure deemed critical to its longevity and safety.

Specifically, the rehabilitation plans required the following services:

  • Assessment of bridge structure to determine repair options for the main truss and substructure
  • Overlaying the bridge decking from gutter to gutter with a Skid Resistance Epoxy System
  • Incorporating a deflection barrier on the outside curb of the bridge deck and bridge railing repair
  • Repairing and spot painting of portions of the main truss and the approach superstructure and substructure
  • Preparing joint sealing details to existing finger joints on the bridge where feasible
  • Performing soundings to determine water depths of the lake which lies beneath the east approach structure
  • Preparing repair details for severely corroded wind shear key and for the Carrying Trusses/Sway Frames
  • Preparing an auxiliary Anchor Bolt Repair Detail to add two new anchor bolts to existing Trestle Bent Base Plates

Additionally, Huval & Associates’ tasks include assisting the project engineer with construction related evaluation of proposed repair procedures by the contractor and trouble shooting of any problems during construction.  Huval & Associates is presently providing construction support services for repairs to the Calcasieu River Bridge.