St. Ann Bridge Bridge Replacement

Location: Terrebonne Parish

Date Completed: 2014

Services Utilized

  • Bridge Engineering - New Bridge Design - Movable Bridge Construction Support - Movable Bridge Design
  • Construction Erection Services - Construction Means & Methods
  • Roadway Design - Drainage Design

Challenges Encountered

  •  Tight area under vertical constraints
  •  Construction of new bridge on the existing alignment

Solutions Provided

  • Unique design of compact pivot beams as well as compact design of center bearing has allowed the Huval team to “fit” the bridge in the very tight space available.
  • Construction phasing has been provided that allows the existing bridge to remain in service for both the vehicular and boat traffic during the majority of the construction

Huval & Associates, Inc. was contracted to provide all necessary engineering and land surveying services required for developing plans for the replacement of the St. Ann Bridge.
Huval’s responsibilities included the engineering design and construction plans to the 90′ steel girder swing span and approaches.

The bridge structure had to be designed in a tight area under vertical constraints to minimize impact to the surrounding roadways and water levels. The Huval team also performed the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical design for the movable bridge crossing

The project is being performed by Huval with assistance of a sub-consultant and includes roadway and roadway drainage design.

Responsible for preparation of the Final Plans for Supplement No. 2, and presently working on Supplement No. 3, that includes Construction Engineering Services for the removal of the existing bridge and construction of a new movable bridge on the existing alignment.

This project is ongoing.

Services include:

  • Swing Span bridge design
  • Construction support
  • Geotechnical design