Sunshine River Bridge Repair

Location: St. James Parish

Date Completed: On-going

Services Utilized

  • Bridge Engineering - Fixed Bridge Construction Support - Fixed Bridge Rehabilitation - Fixed Bridge Design - Fixed Bridge Repair
  • Roadway Design - Temporary Traffic Control Planning

Challenges Encountered

Solutions Provided

Huval & Associates is currently performing consulting services for the repair and rehabilitation of the Sunshine River Bridge over the Mississippi River.  The services provided include preparing preliminary and final plans for the total removal of existing coatings; and the cleaning and repainting of all steel components of the Approach Trestle Spans and the Main Truss Spans.

Plans called for the following repairs or replacements in the Approach Trestle Area: repairing finger joints, fixed steel bearings, portions of the column bases, and spalls in the top and underside of the deck; replacement of the expansion bearings and the bolts at the roller bearing

The Main Truss Rehabilitation includes plan detail for the following work: repairing bottom chord connections, roller bearings, main truss gusset plates, false chord connections, handrail posts, and a spalled deck panel; replacement of roller bearings with sliding disc bearings; removal and replacement of safety handrail cables along the top chords of the cantilever truss spans for the full length of the cantilever truss spans; and cleaning all bottom chord connections not subject to other repairs as well as cleaning spilled concrete and other debris from pier caps.

Huval & Associates is also providing traffic control plans and support services for the construction phase of the project.