W. Esplanade Bridge Replacement

Location: Jefferson Parish

Date Completed: 2010

Services Utilized

  • Bridge Engineering - New Bridge Design - Fixed Bridge Design - Box Culvert Design & Load Ratings
  • Construction Erection Services - Formwork & Falsework Design - Crane Trestle Design - Platform Design
  • Structural/Geotechnical Engineering - Cofferdam Design - Access Platform & Scaffolding Design - Dewatering

Challenges Encountered

  • The jobsite had an extremely tight construction easement.
  • The project was to be carried out in a high traffic area.
  • The jobsite had poor soil condition and high groundwater elevation.

Solutions Provided

  • Crane trestles and access platforms were incorporated in the TRS system for material storage and work platforms.
  • The majority of construction work was done from work platforms which did not interfere with traffic flow.
  •  A Cofferdam system partially controlled the groundwater. Limestone bedding and sumps controlled the remaining water intrusion.

For this project Huval was contracted to design a new bridge across Elmwood Canal replacing the two existing structures in Metairie, LA.  This location is also where Elmwood Canal and Canal No. 2 intersect causing the construction easement to be extremely tight .

The difficult part was getting the concrete flumes constructed (essentially turning Canal No. 2 into a box culvert) before the new bridge could be constructed.  The cofferdams were designed to not only handle the water and surrounding ground pressure but also equipment loads on the sheets.  The configuration of the TRS also accommodated a temporary crane trestle.

Services Utilized:

  • Geotechnical – temporary retaining structures, pile design, dewatering
  • Construction Services – Crane trestle, formwork, test pile
  • Structural – access platforms, retaining structures