In the wake of the devastation to New Orleans and the surrounding areas in August of 2005 the United States Army Corps of Engineers embarked on the massive undertaking of upgrading the city’s flood protection.   Quickly after Congress authorized the construction of increased protection, the USACE devised  the Inner Harbor Navigation Channel Surge Barrier.

A key component of the IHNC Surge Barrier, the IHNC Floodwall, was designed to function as a dam to hold back floodwaters in the event of a storm surge.  In April 2008, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure of Baton Rouge was awarded the design-build contract.  In May of 2009 construction began on the IHNC Floodwall.  The project was completed, on schedule, in 18 months.

According to the Deep Foundations Institute, (a non-profit technical association of heavy construction professionals), the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge Barrier is the largest design-build civil works construction project in the  history of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  The magazine features the details of the IHNC Floodwall’s build in its Fall 2111 issue.

A few interesting bits of information associated with this mammoth undertaking:

The construction of the IHNC Floodwall untilized

  • 68,000 cu yd of concrete
  • 530,00 cu yd of soil stabalizer
  • 4,454 permanent piles
  • over 1 million man hours
  • Zero lost time to accidents

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